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5: Spaces and the Destruction of Power

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    • 5.1: Small Places
      Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place, published in 1988, offers a novelistic essay on the history and present of the Caribbean island of Antigua. What I find most pertinent about the book is the way in which Kincaid, or the text’s narrator, navigates the relationship between Antigua and the world, between island and mainland, between “small place” and big place; or, more generally, between place as such and the comprehensive frames of modernity, postmodernity, and globalization.
    • 5.2: Writing Space, Living Space
      In the fifth book of his Histories, Herodotus describes the arrival in Sparta of one Aristagoras, tyrant of Miletus, there to win support for a revolt of the Ionian Greeks from Persian control. Aristagoras enters into discussions with Cleomenes, one of the Spartan kings, armed with ‘a bronze tablet on which the way around the whole earth was engraved, and all the sea and all the rivers’. With this visual aid, Aristagoras points out the string of places to be conquered.

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