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3.21: Shambleau

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    shambleau4.jpgC.L. Moore, the pen name for Catherine Lucille Moore, is most lauded for her invention of the female warrior heroine of sword and sorcery fantasy, Jirel of Joiry, a figure everyone from Xena to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Princess Laia have to thank. Here is one of her sci fi contributions. Scroll down to page 3, her’s is the first story. Make note of the visuals and other introductory information in this scanned artifact, we’ll be talking about it in class.

    Notes from the Library

    Also read by the author in 1980! Each part is 30 minutes, so give yourself some time to listen.

    Side A of original LP

    Side B of original LP

    Original publication info:

    Weird Tales. Popular Fiction Population Co. November 1933.

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