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18.2: Counter-Attack

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  • Click on the link to the Oxford First World War Poetry unit on Sassoon and work your way through as many of the poems/letters as you wish.

    Explanatory Notes not covered in Oxford tutorials.

    Lewis gun: A light machine gun, designed in 1911 by U.S. Army Col. Isaac Lewis, and widely used by British and Empire forces from 1915 onwards.

    Sap: A covering over a trench; the extension of a trench from within the trench itself to a point beneath an enemy’s fortifications.

    Allemands: Germans, from the French “Allemand,”; German: sometimes referred to as the “Alleyman.”

    Five-nines: 5.9-calibre shells.

    Fire-step: A board or ledge in a trench, upon which soldiers stand when firing.

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