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    Note: Items marked with * indicate that due to sources terms, we cannot post the direct link.

    *The Aeneid

    Google search: The Aeneid

    The Analects *The Art of War

    Google search: The Art of War

    The Bhagavad Gita

    The Book of Songs

    The Epic of Gilgamesh

    The King James Bible

    The Iliad

    The Mahabharata


    The Metamorphoses

    The Mother of Mencius

    The Odyssey


    *The Ramayana

    Google search: The Ramayana

    The Zhuangzi

    UrL Links for Images:

    Image 1.1 Map of Mesopotamia

    Image 1.2 City of Uruk

    Image 1.3 Eanna District of Uruk

    Image 1.4 Anu District of Uruk

    Image 1.5 Uruk in 2008

    Image 1.6 Mesopotamia in 2nd Millennium BC

    Image 1.7 The Flood Tablet Flood_Tablet.jpg

    Image 1.8 Gilgamesh Statue

    Image 1.9 Seated Euripides

    Image 1.10 Medea

    Image 1.11 Sophocles

    Image 1.12 Oedipus

    Image 2.1 The Teaching Confucius

    Image 2.2 Bamboo Book-Binding

    Image 2.3 Mencius

    Image 2.4 Zhuangzi Butterfly Dream

    Image 3.1 Wood Carving of a Scene from the Mahabharata

    Image 3.2 The Battle of Kurukshetra 4TD1Hh-5FVxn9-5FVyjQ-5FLPor-6QAAPr-5FVysb-5FLMr2-5FLP98-5QLHRE-q5y6qh/

    Image 3.3 Fight with Ghatotkacha,_Folio_from_a_Mahabharata_((War_of_the)_Great_Bharatas)_LACMA_M.82.234.4.jpg

    Image 3.4 Cloth Printed with Human Figures from the Ramayana Epic

    Image 3.5 Jor Bangla Temple (Ramayana Motifs)

    Image 3.6 Battle Scene in a City

    Image 4.1 Augustus;orient=0;size=175;seq=6;attach-ment=0

    Image 4.2 Mural in Pompeii

    Image 4.3 Deification of Caesar

    Image 4.5 Apollo and Daphne

    Image 4.4 Ovidius Metamorphosis

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