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    (Eg. "Genetic, Hereditary, DNA ...") (Eg. "Relating to genes or heredity") The infamous double helix CC-BY-SA; Delmar Larsen
    Glossary Entries
    Word(s) Definition Image Caption Link Source
    allegory the use of characters or events in a literary work to represent abstract ideas or concepts        
    alliterative revival a resurgent use of the alliterative verse form of oral Old English poetry such as Beowulf        
    anchoress a woman called to a contemplative life closed away from other people        
    beast epic a fable, often allegorical, that features animal characters        
    bob and wheel a group of five short lines at the end of an alliterative verse rhyming ABABA        
    chivalry the code of conduct which bound and defined a knight’s behavior        
    courtly love rules governing the behavior of knights and ladies in a ritualistic, formalized system of flirtation        
    cycle plays a sequence of plays portraying all the major events of the Bible, from the fall of Satan to the last judgment        
    exemplum a moral tale, often used to illustrate a point in a sermon        
    fabliau a humorous, bawdy tale, often including satire of foolish characters        
    Great Chain of Being the metaphor used in the Middle Ages to describe the social hierarchy believed to be created by God        
    Green Man a character in ancient fertility myths representing spring and the renewal of life        
    links conversations among the various pilgrims between the stories to tie the stories together        
    medieval romance a narrative, in either prose or poetry, presenting a knight and his adventures        
    morality plays a play depicting representative characters in moral dilemmas with both the good and the evil parts of their character struggling for dominance        
    Pearl Poet the unidentified author of Pearl, Patience, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight        
    saint’s legend a story depicting the life and martyr’s death of a saint        
    showing a word used in the Middle Ages to describe a manifestation, a revelation, a dream, or a vision, usually of a religious nature        
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