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2: Seventeenth Century English

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  • Learning Objectives

    After reading this chapter, students will be able to

    • Understand both the shared and distinctive motives leading to different European groups’ traveling to and settling in the new world.
    • Understand how their respective founding charters shaped the ideologies of the different European settlements in the new world.
    • Understand the adverse effects on the relationship of the English and the Native American tribes of the ongoing European expansion of English colonies in North America.
    • Understand the significance of the Pequod War and the so-called King Philip’s War.
    • Identify the introduction, growth, and effects of African slavery in the colonies.
    • Understand the significance of Puritanism to seventeenth century literature and culture in the new world. • Identify the aesthetic features of the Puritan plain style in literature.

    Thumbnail: The Return of Roger Williams. (Public Domain; C.R. Grant (1886) via Wikipedia)

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