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4.2: Writing Assessment Checklists

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    Click on the links below for print-friendly checklists for assessing learners’ writing progress:

    Checklist: The Story of Our Human Rights

    Checklist: The Story of Viola Desmond

    Checklist: The Story of Tommy Douglas

    Checklist: The Story of Joy Kogawa

    Checklist: The Story of Jim Egan

    Checklist: The Story of Elijah Harper

    Checklist: The Story of Gabor Maté

    Note: No checklist is necessary for The Story of Nellie McClung or Standing Up For Your Human Rights. Simply check to make sure the learner has filled in their documents legibly and correctly.

    Print-friendly versions of these same writing assessment checklists are also provided on the following pages.

    Appendix-2-The-Story-of-Our-Human-Rights.png Appendix-2-The-Story-of-Viola-Desmond.png Appendix-2-The-Story-of-Tommy-Douglas.png Appendix-2-The-Story-of-Joy-Kogawa.png Appendix-2-The-Story-of-Jim-Egan.png Appendix-2-The-Story-of-Elijah-Harper.png Appendix-2-The-Story-of-Gabor-Mate.png

    This page titled 4.2: Writing Assessment Checklists is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Shantel Ivits (BCCampus) .

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