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    • Many thanks to the The Conversation, On the Commons, YES! Magazine, Mosaic, The Comics Grid, The Seattle Star, ProPublica, Boing Boing, Discard Studies, and TED Talks for making their work open and available to students of writing.
    • Thanks to Creative Commons for creating the infrastructure and guidance which made this collection possible.
    • A special thank you to Linda González who midway through this project challenged us to include more voices from people of color which resulted in this collection becoming more diverse, more interesting, and more useful.

    Licenses and Permissions

    This collection is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You have permission to use any or all of it so long as you give credit to the authors. You may choose the essays you want to use, delete the ones you do not want to use, and create your own custom collection. You may add other essays to the collection. You may make copies and distribute them to your students.

    Individual essays each have their own licenses. The license statement at the end of each essay contains a link to the Creative Commons license which governs its reuse. If you wonder whether you have permission to use an essay in a particular way, you can click on the link and read the license. More information about all of the licenses can be found at

    • The BY in all of the licenses means you have permission to reproduce and redistribute the essay so long as you give appropriate credit. (BY)
    • No Derivatives in a license means that if you alter an essay in any way, you may not share it. (ND)
    • NonCommercial in a license means that you may not use the essay in any project that is primarily intended to generate income. You may have the essay printed and charge a reasonable price for the copy. (NC)
    • ShareAlike in a license means that if you create a new work by building on or altering an essay you must share the new work with the same license as the original. (SA)

    If you would like to use one of these essays in a way that would violate the Creative Commons license, consider contacting the author and asking for special permission.

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