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1.5: Val's Garden

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    Box of vegetables

    Learning Goals

    In this chapter, you will learn to:

    • Print the alphabet in order using lower case letters
    • Read and write words with the endings -s, -ing, and -ed
    • Copy short sentences
    • Read common sight words in a paragraph
    • Answer questions about a story
    • Complete sentences by adding a missing word
    • Use an upper case letter to begin a person’s name

    Talk About It

    • Do you like to get to know the people who live near you? Why or why not?

    Picture Dictionary

    Use the pictures to help you figure out the words.
    chick-155546_640-225x300.png city-300x143.jpg vegetables.jpg
    new city vegetables
    wonder-woman-533663_640-300x225.jpg sidewalk.jpg carrots-673201_640-300x201.jpg
    woman sidewalk carrots
    tomato-473764_640-200x300.jpg green-beans-519439_640-300x224.jpg peas-16803_640-300x200.jpg
    tomatoes beans peas
    talk-300x212.jpg family-284x300.png door-300x300.png
    talk family door
    Practice reading these words without the pictures.
    sidewalk peas carrots family
    door city woman vegetables
    talk beans new tomatoes

    Word Skills

    Word Patterns

    Words can have endings. Some common word endings are –s, –ing, and –ed.

    s ing ed
    look looks looking looked
    pull pulls pulling pulled
    talk talks talking talked
    1. Fill in this chart.
    s ing ed
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.

    Word Patterns

    The word ending –s can show there is more than one of something.
    carrot-148563_640-180x300.png carrots-768236_640-274x300.png
    carrot carrots
    bean.jpg green-beans-519439_640-300x224.jpg
    bean beans
    pea.jpg peas.jpg
    pea peas
    How many do you see?
    2. egg-carton-788022_640-300x222.png egg or eggs?
    3. rocks-300x200.jpg rock or rocks?
    4. bug-369229_640-300x200.jpg bug or bugs?
    5. pens-300x225.jpg pen or pens?
    6. oak-309878_640-300x266.png tree or trees?
    7. rat-312046_640-242x300.png rat or rats?
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.
    Read the sentences. Then copy them. Use upper case letters, periods, and question marks correctly.
    The dog naps with the cats.
    This log has bugs on it.
    Tim jogs a lot.
    The kids got on the bus.
    Can you get the red cups?
    Ask your instructor to check your work.

    Use Your Reading Skills

    Listen to Val’s Garden. Then read Val’s Garden in BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Reader 1.

    An audio element has been excluded from this version of the text. You can listen to it online here:

    Check Your Understanding

    garden family new vegetables
    box passes on Val sidewalk
    Fill in the blanks with the right word or words.

    1. I am _______________ to the city.

    2. A woman named _______________ lives next door.

    3. She grows a vegetable garden by the _______________.

    4. She gives me a _______________ of vegetables.

    5. She _______________.

    6. I take care of her _______________.

    7. A _______________ moves next door.

    8. I give them a box of _______________ from Val’s garden.

    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.


    Grammar Rule

    You can use words from a question to make your own sentence.

    Question: Who has a garden?
    Answer: Val has a garden.
    Question: What vegetables are in Val’s garden?
    Answer: Carrots, tomatoes, beans, and peas are in Val’s garden.
    Question: Who moves next door when Val passes on?
    Answer: A family moves next door when Val passes on.
    Question: What is given to the family next door?
    Answer: A box of vegetables is given to the family next door.
    Answer the questions. Use the underlined words to form your answer.

    1. Who talks to plants?


    2. What gets dry after Val passes on?


    3. What looks sad after Val passes on?


    4. Write all the letters of the alphabet in order. Use lower case letters.




    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.

    Writing Task

    Think of a time when a neighbour was nice to you, or a time when you were nice to a neighbour. Tell the story to your instructor. Your instructor will write down what you say. Then copy the story into your notebook.

    When you are done, read your story.

    • Did you begin each sentence with an upper case letter?
    • Did you use an upper case letter at the beginning of a person’s name?
    • Did you end each sentence with a period or question mark?
    • Are you missing any words?

    Answer Key

    Word Skills
    s ing ed
    bill bills billing billed
    fill fills filling filled
    walk walks walking walked
    pick picks picking picked
    kick kicks kicking kicked
    2 eggs
    3 rocks
    4 bug
    5 pens
    6 tree
    7 rat
    Check Your Understanding
    1 new
    2 Val
    3 sidewalk
    4 box
    5 passes on
    6 garden
    7 family
    8 vegetables
    1 Val talks to plants.
    2 The dirt gets dry after Val passes on.
    3 The plants looks sad after Val passes on.
    4 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


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