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1.10: About the authors

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  • Magdalena Hauner (Professor Emirita, Department of African Languages and Literature, UW-Madison) originally wrote this workbook to accompany the novel RosaMistika.

    More than ten years later, it has now been revised and updated by a team in the UW-Madison Department of African Cultural Studies, including:

    Professor Katrina Daly Thompson, Director of the Program in African Languages
    Amy Clay, Assistant to the Director, 2015-17
    Rebecca Mandich, Assistant to the Director, 2017-18
    Pamela Kimario, Swahili instructor, 2016-17
    Serah Kivuti, Swahili instructor, 2016-17
    David Lukhachi, Swahili instructor, 2016-18
    Mwita Muniko, Swahili instructor, Fall 2017
    Vincent Ogoti, Swahili instructor, Fall 2017

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