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7.7: Vocabulario: La familia

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  • Objetivos

    • Use family vocabulary to describe members of a family
    • Understand spoken information about the members of a family


    La familia

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    • Play AudioEl abuelo / La abuela (Grandfather/Grandmother)
    • Play AudioEl amigo / La amiga (friend)
    • Play AudioEl esposo / La esposa (husband wife)
    • Play AudioEl hermano / La hermana (brother sister)
    • Play AudioEl hijo / La hija (son daughter)
    • Play AudioLa madre / mamá (mother/ mom)
    • Play AudioEl nieto / La nieta (grandchild granddaughter)
    • Play AudioEl novio / La novia (boyfriend girlfriend)
    • Play AudioEl padre / papá (father dad)
    • Play AudioLa pareja (couple)
    • Play AudioEl pariente (relative)
    • Play AudioEl primo / La prima (cousin)
    • Play AudioEl sobrino / La sobrina (nephew / niece)
    • Play AudioEl tío / La tía (uncle aunt)
    • Play AudioLa cuñada / el cuñado (sister-in-law brother-in-law)
    • Play AudioLos medio hermanos / el medio hermano/ la media hermana (half brothers half brother half sister)
    • Play AudioLos hermanastros / el hermanastro / la hermanastra (stepbrothers stepbrother stepsister)
    • Play AudioEl hijastro / La hijastra (stepson stepdaughter)
    • Play AudioLa madrastra / El padrastro (stepmother stepfather)
    • Play Audiola suegra / el suegro (mother-in-law father-in-law)


    Tipos de familias:

    • Familia nuclear o pequeña
    • Familia extendida o grande
    • Primera, segunda, tercera generación
    • La familia política
    • La familia moderna
    • La familia tradicional

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