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7.32: Actividades: Estar

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    • Use the verb estar to signify location
    • Use the prepositions of location to describe where things and people are located in a house
    • Identify locations from spoken text.

    (Note: The activities on this page are designed to promote active communication in Spanish. In an online course, your instructor may ask you to complete the activities using a separate tool, such as video/voice recording or web-conferencing software. Even if the activities are not assigned as coursework, they can be used for individual practice and review.)

    A. partners Adivinanzas (guessing game)

    Tú dices a tu compañero dónde está una cosa en la sala de clase y el compañero tiene que adivinar qué es la cosa. (You tell a classmate where a thing is in the classroom, and the classmate has to guess what the thing is).

    B. Info-gap activity Dónde están las mascotas?

    Using estar and the prepositions of location, tell your partner where the pets are in the following pictures. Your partner will do the same. As you hear where the pets are, draw them into the empty rooms.

    [reveal-answer q=”340256″]Estudiante A[/reveal-answer]
    [hidden-answer a=”340256″]


    [reveal-answer q=”566719″]Estudiante B[/reveal-answer]

    [hidden-answer a=”566719″]



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