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7.26: Vocabulario: En la casa

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    Identify rooms and furniture in the home

    Play Audioel baño (bathroom)

    1. Play Audioel inodoro (toilet)
    2. Play Audiola bañera (bathtub)
    3. Play Audiola ducha (shower)
    4. Play Audioel espejo (mirror)
    5. Play Audioel lavabo (sink)

    Play Audioel dormitorio (bedroom)

    1. Play Audiola cama (bed)
    2. Play Audiola mesita de noche (night stand)
    3. Play Audiola lámpara (lamp)
    4. Play Audioel armario (closet)

    Play Audiola sala (living room)

    1. Play Audioel sofá (sofa/couch)
    2. Play Audioel sillón (armchair)
    3. Play Audiola cortina (curtain)
    4. Play Audiola mesita (the little table)
    5. Play Audiola alfombra (carpet)
    6. Play Audioel comedor (dining room)
    7. Play AudioLa mesa (table)

    Play Audiola cocina (kitchen)

    1. Play Audioel refrigerador (refrigerator)
    2. Play Audiola nevera / el congelador (freezer)
    3. Play Audioel fregadero (sink)
    4. Play Audiola estufa (stove)
    5. Play Audioel microondas (microwave)
    6. Play Audioel horno (oven)
    7. Play Audioel patio (patio)
    8. Play Audioel jardín (garden)


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