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9.1.5: G.1.5- Ir + a + infinitive (ir + a + infinitivo)

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    One way to express future actions is to use ir + a + infinitive. Conjugate the verb ir in the present tense.


    ir a + infinitive
    yo voy
    él/ella/Ud. va
    nosotros/as vamos
    vosotros/as vais
    ellos/ellas/Uds. van


    --Voy a ver el partido de baloncesto mañana.
    I am going to watch the basketball game tomorrow.

    --¿Vas a estudiar el español el próximo semestre?
    Are you going to study Spanish next semester?

    --La autora va a publicar su nuevo libro el año que viene.
    The author is going to publish her new book next year.

    Uses of ir + a + infinitive

    1. To express an intended future action or to describe the future
    2. The verb may be conjugated in the imperfect to express a future event or action when narrated in the past. This is commonly used in spoken language.


    --Íbamos a asistir la clase pero perdimos el autobus.
    We were going to attend class but we missed the bus.

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