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5.8: Key Vocabulary and Useful Expressions

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    Key Vocabulary

    Transliteration English
    t’ngai day
    sa-bpaa-daa week
    khae month
    chnam year
    bpeel time

    Key Expressions

    Transliteration English
    t’ngai nih jia t’ngai ey? What day is today?
    t’ngai nih jia t’ngai sok. Today is Friday.
    neak kaət t’ngai ey? What day were you born?

    Summary of Grammar Points

    Grammar Point Summary
    Expressing the days of the week The days of the week are expressed by the pattern: T’ngai-nih (today)+ jia (is)+ t’ngai ey? “what day is today?”. To answer the question, the same pattern is used: T’ngai-nih (today)+ jia (is)+ t’ngai, followed by the days of the week.

    the months of the year

    For beginners, the simplest way of saying the month is to use the word Khae “month”+ dtii+ number. Like the days of the week, each month is preceded by the word Khae “month”.

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