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4.4.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Listen to the audio. Following the first two model exchanges, respond to each cue.

    Cue: Go-hon desu ne. Five, right? Response: Ie, rop-pon desu. No, six.

    五本 ごほん ですね。 いえ、六本 ろっほん です。

    Cue: Mit-tsu desu ne. Three, right? Response: Ie, yot-tsu desu. No, four.

    三 みっ つですね。 いえ、四 よっ つです。

    B. Cue: Sashimi to biiru desu ka. Sashimi and beer?


    Response: Hai, sashimi o futa-tsu to Yes, two sashimi and biiru o sdan-bon kudasai. three beers, please.

    はい、さしみを二 ふた つとビールを三本 さんぼん 、ください。

    Cue: Ringo to mikan desu ka. Apples and oranges?


    Response: Hai, ringo o futa-tsu to Yes, two apples and Mikan o mit-tsu kudasai. three oranges, please.

    はい、リンゴを二 ふた つと、みかんを三 みっ つください。

    C. Say it in Japanese.

    At a restaurant, order the following:

    1. two draft beers to start

    2. three beers and one oolong tea

    3. two black teas and one strawberry cake

    4. three sashimi, five sake, and two orange juices

    5. two orders of Today’s Fish and one vegetable tempura. No beverages. Just tea.

    D. Act these roles in Japanese with a partner.

    1. Ask Ms. Honda what her favorite food is.

    2. At a restaurant, get the attention of the waiter and ask for a) a menu, b) more water.

    3. You’ve been asked to get the following items. Find out how many are needed: chairs; pencils; bottled water; bento; umbrella; bananas; apples.

    4. The project is over. You want to propose a toast. Make sure that everyone has a drink, acknowledge everyone’s hard work, and then propose a toast.

    5. Discuss what people usually have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Japan and in your home country. Drinks?

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