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4.2.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: Chotto yasumimasen ka. Would you like to take a break?

    休 やす みませんか。

    Response: Sou desu ne. Minasan yasumimashou. Right. Everyone, let’s take a break.

    そうですね。皆 みな さん、休 やす みましょう。

    Cue: Kaerimasen ka. Would you like to go home?


    Response: Sou desu ne. Minasan, kaerimashou. Right. Everyone, let’s go home.

    そうですね。皆 みな さん、帰りましょう。

    B. Cue: Koohii ya koucha, nomimasu ka? Do you drink things like coffee and tea?

    コーヒーや紅茶 こうちゃ 、飲の みますか。

    Response: Iya, ko-hi-mokoucha mo nomimasen. No, I don’t drink either coffee or tea.

    いや、コーヒーも紅茶 こうちゃ も飲の みません。

    Cue: Keei ya kukkii, tabemasu ka? Do you eat things like cake and cookies?

    ケーキやクッキー、食 た べますか。

    Response: Iya, keeki mo kukkii mo tabemasen. No, I don’t eat either cake or cookies.

    いや、ケーキもクッキーも食 た べません。

    C. Cue: Keeki desu ka? Is it cake?


    Response: Hai, ke-ki wo kaimasu. Yes, I’ll buy a cake.

    はい、ケーキを買 か います。

    Cue: Honda –san desu ka. Is it Ms. Honda?

    本田 ほんだ さんですか。

    Response: Hai, Honda-san ga kaimasu. Yes, Ms. Honda will buy it.

    はい、本田 ほんだ さんが買 か います。

    D. Say it in Japanese.

    Offer to do the following for your group.

    1. Shall I make tea?

    2. Shall I make coffee, black tea, etc.?

    3. Shall I buy apples and (mandarin) oranges?

    4. Shall I buy a lot of water because it’s hot today

    5. Shall I make a big strawberry cake?

    You have questions about the project. Ask Ms. Tanaka.

    6. Who writes the schedule?

    7. When will the schedule be ready?

    8. What shall I do?

    9. What work will be most difficult?

    10. Whom shall I help?

    E. Act out these roles in Japanese with a partner.

    1. Your group has been working very hard. Suggest that 1) you take a short break, 2) go home because it’s late, 3) keep trying hard a little longer.

    2. Your supervisor will not make it to the meeting. Offer to go in her place.

    3. The email that you were waiting for has finally come. Announce it to your coworkers.

    4. Your group is going to rent a car. Ask who is going to drive.

    5. Check the coffee shop menu, and ask each other what you are going to have.

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