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3.2.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: Go-en desu ka. Is it five yen?

    Response: Ie-ie, gojuu-en desu yo. No, no, it’s fifty yen!

    Cue: Nihyaku-en desu ka. Is it two hundred yen?

    Response: Ie-ie, nisen-en desu yo. No, no, it’s two thousand yen!

    B. Cue: Takai desu nee. It’s expensive, isn’t it!

    Response: Ee, motto yasui no wa arimasen nee. Yes, there aren’t any cheaper ones, are there.

    Cue: Chiisai desu nee. It’s small, isn’t it!

    Response: Ee, motto ookii no wa arimasen nee. Yes, there aren’t any bigger ones, are there.

    C. Cue: Minna, ookii desu nee. They’re all big, aren’t they!

    Response: Ichiban ookii no wa, dore desu ka. Which is the biggest one?

    Cue: Minna, furui desu nee. They’re all old, aren’t they!

    Response: Ichiban furui no wa, dore desu ka. Which is the oldest one?

    D. Say it in Japanese. You’ve been asked the price of something. Reply.

    1. ¥ 650

    2. ¥ 1010

    3. ¥ 14000

    4. ¥ 790000

    5. ¥ 8800

    6. ¥ 3300

    7. ¥11111

    At a meeting, ask what other people think of the following:

    8. a newer company

    9. the more difficult Chinese textbook

    10. the easiest one

    11. the cellphone #13

    12. Prof. Kimura’s new course on Tue-Thur

    D. Act in Japanese with a partner.

    1. In a shoe store, you’ve tried on a pair and found them to be too small. Get the attention of a clerk and ask for a little bigger pair.

    2. Browsing an online shopping site, Ms. Honda misread the price of an item as 5000 yen. It is actually 50000 yen. Correct her nicely.

    3. Find out today’s dollar to yen exchange rate.

    4. You are doing a homework assignment. Exclaim that Question #14 is hard. Ask if Ms. Honda gets it.

    5. You’ve been asked for your opinion about an apartment. Mention that it is not bad, but you wonder what the rent is.

    6. With a partner, ask and answer how much something costs. Exchange opinions about the price.

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