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3.1.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Listen to the audio. Following the first two model exchanges, respond to each cue.

    Cue: 高 たか いですか。 Takai desu ka. Is it expensive?

    Response: いえ、安 やす いですよ。 Iie, yasui desu yo. No, it’s cheap, I assure you.

    Cue: 安 やす いですか。Yasui desu ka. Is it cheap?

    Response: いえ、高 たか いでよ。 Iie, takai desu yo. No, it’s expensive, I assure you.

    B. Cue: いいですか。Ii desu ka. Is it all right?

    Response: いいえ、あまりよくないです。 Iie, amari yoku desu. No, it’s not very good.

    Cue: 安 やす いですか。Yasui desu ka. Is it cheap?

    Response: いいえ、あまり安 やす くないです。Iie, amari yasuku desu. No, it’s not very cheap.

    C. Cue: アパートですか。Apaato desu. Is it an apartment?

    Response: いいえ、アパートじゃありません。 Iie, apaato ja arimasen. No, it’s not an apartment.

    Cue: 安 やす いですか。 Yasui desu ka. Is it cheap?

    Response: いいえ、安 やす くありません。Iie, yasuku arimasen. No, it’s not cheap.

    D. Cue: あれ、高かったですか。 Are, takakatta desu ka. Was that expensive?

    Response: いえ、高くなかったですよ。 Ie, takaku nakatta desu yo. No, it wasn’t.

    Cue: あれ、新しかったですか。 Are, atarashikatta desu ka? Was that new?

    Response: いえ、新しくなかったですよ。 Ie, atarashiku nakatta desu yo. No it wasn’t.

    E. Say it in Japanese. You’ve been asked your opinion about an apartment.

    1. Let me see…isn’t it big?

    2. It’s a little old. Aren’t there any new apartments?

    3. It’s not very expensive, but I wonder if it might not be small.

    4. I saw it yesterday. It was nice.

    5. There are many small apartments, but big ones are scarce, aren't they?

    F. Act in Japanese with a partner.

    1. Ms. Honda is checking apartment listings. Ask if there is anything good.

    2. Ms. Honda has recently moved into a new apartment. Find out how she likes it.

    3. At a store, you saw a nice bag, but it’s small. Get the attention of a clerk and ask if there is a big one.

    4. A co-worker just broke great news to you. Respond.

    5. Ms. Honda went to see an apartment yesterday. Ask her a) how it was, b) if it was good, c) if it wasn’t old.

    6. You’ve been asked about your a) apartment, b) school, c) company. Describe.

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