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2.4.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: Kyou wa getsuyoubi desu ne. Today is Monday, right?

    Response: E? Kayoubi ja nai desu ka? What? Isn’t it Tuesday?

    Cue: Kyou wa Mokuyoubi desu ne. Today is Thursday, right?

    Response: E? Kinyoubi ja nai desu ka? What? Isn’t it Friday?

    B. Cue: Kinou wa ame deshita ne. It rained yesterday, right?

    Response: Ee, ame ja nakatta desu ka. Yes, didn’t it rain?

    Cue: Shike wa getsuyou deshita ne. The exam was Monday, right?

    Response: Ee, getsuyou ja nakatta desu ka. Yes, wasn’t it on Mon.?

    C. Say it in Japanese.

    You are talking about last week’s meeting. Ask the following:

    1. When was it?

    2. What day of the week was it?

    3. What time was it?

    4. Where was it?

    5. Which country was it (held in)?

    6. Which company was it (held at)?

    7. Who was the teacher?

    8. Of what nationality was the teacher?

    9. In what language was it?

    10. Which textbook was it (that was used)?

    Emily is looking at the course catalog. Ask her:

    1. What days of the week are the Japanese classes scheduled on?

    2. What time are they scheduled at?

    3. Who is the instructor?

    4. Is homework due everyday?

    5. What time is the Tuesday orientation for exchange students scheduled at?

    You’ve been asked the above questions. Reply:

    6. It’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    7. Aren’t they at nine and eleven thirty?

    8. The instructors are Japanese and American. The Japanese teacher is Prof. Sato, but I do not know the name of the American teacher.

    9. Of course, it’s everyday, I tell you.

    10. The Tuesday orientation is at 10:30, but the sophomores do not go.

    D. Act in Japanese.

    1. Find out from the teacher what day of the week the Japanese exam is scheduled and what time.

    2. You’ve just been told that there is an exam today! Express your surprise.

    3. You need to write down something. Ask for paper and a pen.

    4. A coworker is wondering about yesterday’s weather. You remember that it rained yesterday. Let him know.

    5. You have an appointment with a business associate this week. Confirm with her that it is at ten o’clock on Thursday. Make sure you thank her in advance for the appointments.

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