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0.03: C. Addressing Someone

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  • A:Honda-san. 本田 ほんだ さん。 Mr/s. Honda.

    B:Hai. はい。 Yes.


    11. ~san ~さん Mr/s. X

    12. hai はい yes (that’s right), here you go

    13. +~sensei X先生 せんせい Prof./Dr. X


    ~san is a title that can be attached to a given name, a family name, and even some roles. Don’t attach it to your own name or the names of people in your group when talking to outsiders.

    ~sensei is a title that can be attached to teachers, professors, doctors, etc. You should not use ~san to refer to your teacher.

    Hai means ‘that’s right,’ ‘present’ (in roll call), or ‘here you are’ (handing something over).

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