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3.4.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: 見 み ましょうか。 Shall I take a look?

    Response: じゃ、ちょっと、見 み ていただけませんか. Well, could you take a look for me?

    Cue: 手伝 てつだ いましょうか. Can I help?

    Response: じゃ、ちょっと、手伝 てつだ っていただけませんか. Well, could you give me a hand?

    B. Cue: きょうですか. Is it today?

    Response: いや、あしたです。No, it’s tomorrow.

    Cue: 先 週 せんしゅう でしたか. Was it last week?

    Response: いや、今 週 こんしゅう です。 No, it is this week.

    C. Say it in Japanese.
    Politely make the following requests of a supervisor.
    1. Could you send me that file (we talked about)?
    2. Could you read Ms. Honda’s report one more time?
    3. Could you take a look at the documents from China?
    4. Could you meet my senpai next week?
    5. Could you make next year’s schedule?

    You’ve been asked about an event. Inform the times of the event as follows:
    1. This morning
    2. The tenth of last month
    3. Next August
    4. From 9:00 last night
    5. Since last academic term
    6. For three weeks starting this week

    D. Act in Japanese
    1. Ask a) Tanaka, a male classmate, b) Tanaka, a co-worker, c) Tanaka, a
    supervisor to email you the file.
    2. You pushed the button on the vending machine but nothing happened. Express
    your puzzlement. Ask a store clerk to take a look.
    3. Find out what a co-worker did a) last night, b) last Sunday, c) on the break last
    month, d) on last year’s birthday.
    4. Find out what he/she is going to do a) tomorrow night, b) on Sunday next week,
    c) on the break next month, d) on next year’s birthday.

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