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3.2.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: 誕生日は六月? Is your birthday in June?
    Response: はい、六月六日です。 Yes, It’s June 6th.
    Cue: 誕生日は一月? Is your birthday in January?
    Response: はい、一月一日です。 Yes, it’s January 1st.

    B. Cue: 一時から三時までです。 It’s from one o’clock to three.
    Response: じゃ、二時間ぐらいですね。Then, it’s about two hours, right?
    Cue: 九月から十二月までです。 It’s from September to December.
    Response: じゃ、三ヶ月ぐらいですね。Then, it’s about three months, right?

    C. Say it in Japanese.
    A friend has asked how old the following are.
    1. Do you mean Ms. Honda? She is 21 years old.
    2. Do you mean my car? It’s about 5 years old.
    3. Do you mean this house? It’s about 150 years old.
    4. Do you mean Senpai? She is three years older.
    5. Do you mean Lucky, the dog? She is one and a half years old

    You’ve been asked when some event took place.
    1. August 15, Showa 20 (1945)
    2. July 4, 1776
    3. September 11, 2001
    4. About a month ago
    5. About three years ago

    D. Act in Japanese
    1. Find out the birthday of a) a classmate, b) your teacher.
    2. Ask a) a friend, b) a business associate how old she is.
    3. A friend is going to study in France. Find out how long she will stay there.
    4. Find out who are the oldest and the youngest persons in your class. How
    many years older/younger are they than you?

    This page titled 3.2.1: Drills and Exercises is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Emiko Konomi (Portland State University Library) .

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