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3.1.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: 一日ですか。 Is it the first (day of the month)?
    Response: いえ、二日です。 No, it’s the second.
    Cue:.十五日ですか。 Is it the fifteenth?
    Response: いえ、十六日です。 No, it’s the sixteenth.

    B. Cue: 後一時間ですね。 There is one more hour left, right?
    Response: はい、もう一時間がんばりましょう.
    Yes, let’s work hard for one more hour.
    Cue: 後、一週間ですね。 There is one more week left, right?
    Response: はい、もう一週間、がんばりましょう。
    Yes, let’s work hard for one more week.

    C. Say it in Japanese.
    You’ve been asked when the exam is scheduled.
    1. the 3rd
    2. Wednesday, the 7th
    3. 9:00 a.m. on Friday, the 13th
    4. in two more weeks
    5. the 4th, 8th, and 20th

    D. Act in Japanese.
    1. Find out what day of the month it is today.
    2. Your parking time is going to expire soon. Find out how many minutes are left.
    3. Find out a) how many days, b) how many weeks are left before the deadline.
    4. Your group is going to make an important presentation. Urge everyone to do his
    or her best.
    5. You’ve been wished good luck. Respond.

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