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2.3.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: 捨ててもいいですか。 May I throw it away?
     Response: いえ、捨てては行けませんよ。 No, you must not.
     Cue: タバコ、吸ってもいいですか。 May I smoke?
     Response: いえ、吸ってはいけませんよ。 No, you must not.

    B. Cue: 何をリサイクルしますか。 What do you recycle?
     Response: 何でも、リサイクルしますよ。 We recycle anything.
     Cue: いつ会えますか。 When can we meet?
     Response: いつでも会えますよ。 We can meet anytime.

    C. Say it in Japanese
    Tell an intern the following:
    1. It’s no good if you are late for the appointment.
    2. It’s no good if you forget the name of the company president.
    3. It’s no good if you go home earlier than the section chief.
    4. It’s no good if you rush the report. Take your time.
    5. It’s no good if you drink any more beer.
    You are visiting a factory. Tell your group what the tour guide said.
    6. We must not take pictures inside.
    7. We must not smoke inside. Go outside to smoke.
    8. We must not use cellphones inside.
    9. We must not park in front of the building. Park in the back.
    10. We must not litter. Use the garbage can at the exit.

    D. Act in Japanese
    1. Ask a landlord how to dispose of the garbage. How about cans, bottles, and plastic bottles?
    2. A co-worker is about to throw away all the extra bento from the lunch meeting. What would you say?
    3. You are desperate to have help with the project. Tell the Division chief you need help and you don't care who, when, where, what kind of job, how many people, etc.
    4. Discuss the recycling policies in your community; the laws regarding drinking, driving, and drinking and driving in your country. What should they be in your opinion?
    5. Discuss what you were prohibited from doing as a child. How about now?

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