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1.4.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: バス、もう来ましたか. Has the bus already come?
    Response: いえ、まだ来ていません。 No, it hasn’t come yet.
    Cue: 昼ご飯、もう食べましたか。 Have you already eaten lunch?
    Response: いえ、まだ食べていません。 No, I haven't eaten yet.

    B. Cue: 病気ですか。 Is he sick?
    Response: いえ、元気ですよ。 No, he is well.
    Cue: おじいさんですか。 Is it his grandfather?
    Response: いえ、おばあさんですよ。 No, it’s his grandmother.

    C. Say it in Japanese.
    You’ve been asked how your families are.
    1. My grandfather is still alive and well, but grandmother passed away last year.
    2. My little sister was sick last week but is well now. I’m relieved!
    3. My father passed away and my mother is living alone. I’m worried.
    4. Both my big brother and big sister work for Google and live together in California.
    5. My pet dog, Lucky, is now 15 years old, but is still full of life.

    Yuuki, a friend, asked you what sports you are interested in.
    6. I no longer play any sports.
    7. I still do not play any sports.
    8. I’m still playing baseball every weekend.
    9. I already did all the traditional sports, but I like Kendo the best.
    10. I haven’t seen Sumo yet. Have you?

    D. Act in Japanese.
    1. You’ve bumped into an old friend after not seeing her for a long time. Find out a)
    if everyone in her family is well, b) where they live, c) what they do (for a living.)
    2. Find out if a friend has already eaten lunch.
    3. Ask friends if they have any pets. Find out their names and ages.
    4. A friend looks worried. Find out what he is worrying about.
    5. You’ve been informed that a co-worker has just had a baby. Congratulate her and find out if it’s a baby girl.

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