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1.3.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Cue: 安いですねえ。 It’s cheap, isn’t it?
    Response: ええ、安くて、いいですねえ。 Yes, it’s cheap and good.
    Cue: 新しいですねえ。 It’s new, isn’t it?
    Response: ええ、新しくて、いいですねえ.Yes, it’s new and good.

    B. Cue: 先生に似ていますねえ。 He looks like the teacher.
    Response: えっ、だれに似ているんですか.What? Whom does he look like?
    Cue: グーグルに勤めています。 I work for Google.
    Response: えっ、どこに勤めているんですか。 What? Which company do you work for?

    C. Say it in Japanese.
    You’ve been asked to describe the personality of various people.
    1. My father is scary and serious.
    2. The president of our company is cool and wonderful.
    3. The division chief is cheerful, looks exactly like a panda, and laughs a lot.
    4. My grandfather was gloomy and looked like Lincoln.
    5. My husband is sweet, cute, and the best.

    D. Act in Japanese.
    1. You’ve just met a person at a reception. Find out what she does for a living.
    2. You’ve heard she works for a company, but you didn’t catch the name. Find out.
    3. Find out from a classmate a) what kind of personalities his/her family members
    have, b) who resembles whom, and c) what kind of jobs they have.
    4. Discuss with classmates your dream jobs and why they are your dream jobs.
    5. Show a family picture or a group picture to a business associate and comment on
    each person in the picture.

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