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1.2.1: Drills and Exercises

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    A. Listen to the audio. Following the first two model exchanges, respond to each cue.
     Cue: 家の家内です.           This is my wife.
    Response:ああ、奥さんですか。はじめまして。 Oh, Mrs. X. How do you do?
    Cue: 家の主人です。           This is my husband.
    Response: ああ、ご主人ですか。はじめまして. Oh. Mr. X. Hoe do you do?


    B. Cue: あの人は、さくらさんですか. Is she Sakura?
    Response:はい、さくらと言います。 Yes, she is called Sakura.
    Cue:あの会社は、日野ですか。 Is that company Hino?
     Response:はい、日野と言います。 Yes, it’s called Hino.


    C. Cue: わかりますか。 Does he understand it?
    Response: 分かると言いましたけど、分からないと思います.
    He said that he did, but I don’t think he does.
    Cue:日本人ですか. Is he Japanese?
    Response: 日本人だと言いましたけど、日本人じゃないと思います。He said he was but I don’t think he is.


    D. Cue: アポは何時ですか。 What time is your appointment?
     Response: 何時だったっけ。 What time is it?
    Cue:日本人、いますか。 Is there any Japanese person?
    Response:いたっけ。 Is there?


    E. Say it in Japanese.
    Introduce the following people to a business associate at a company function.
    1. your spouse
    2. your son
    3. your daughter and her husband
    4. Yamamoto, the part-time student worker of your office
    5. Prof. Oda from University of Kyoto and his wife

    Congratulate Ms. Oda on:
    6. graduating from college
    7. her son entering University of California
    8. her birthday
    9. her child starting the elementary school
    10. having a new baby

    F. Act in Japanese
    1. At a business reception, meet a) the spouse b) son c) daughter of a business associate.
    2. Ask your supervisor if she has children. Find out how many, and their names and ages.
    3. In your self-introduction, mention when you entered and graduated from a)
    elementary school b) middle school, c) high school, and d) college.
    4. You’ve been served a dish you never had before. Find out what it is called.
    5. At the end of a dinner at a restaurant, let your group know that you will split the bill
    and each person should pay 3500 yen.



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