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7.2: Zum Spaß!

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    512px-Grimmwelt_Kassel-300x225.jpg If you would like to learn about “Grimm-Welt” in Kassel, you can watch this video:  Die Grimm-Welt: Ein Museum für die Brüder Grimm
    berlin-790677_1280-300x195.png We can give directions in Kassel, but what about in Berlin? Watch this video and you can learn about asking directions in Berlin.
    arrow-35169_1280-300x150.png In this chapter we learned about “Wegbeschreibung“. Here is a video that gives you a few more tips and tricks for asking directions in German.
    burg-1778421_1920-300x225.jpg How many castles are there in Germany? This chapter we learned more about Löwenburg, however in this video you can learn about a few others.

    Extra Practice (optional): These activities are from the website Schubert-Verlag

    In der Stadt

    Nach dem Weg fragen

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