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    Many talented and generous people have contributed to the current version of Deutsch im Blick. and Grimm Grammar. A note of thanks is not nearly sufficient to describe the hours of work, effort, enthusiasm,research, fun and humor so many have provided to make this project possible; this is the list of my amazing collaborators:

    Primary Author:   Editor in Chief:
    Dr. Zsuzsanna Abrams   Karen Kelton, Ph.D.
    Web-Designers:   Cartoons:
    Eric Eubank   Walter Moore
    Nathalie Steinfeld    
    Rachael Gilg    
    Textbook design:      
    Trey Cartright      
    Nathalie Steinfeld      
    Chapter Authors/Co-authors (primary author):   Audio-artist: Michael Heidenreich
    Chapters 3, 4, 8 and 10: Sarah Schuchard    
    Chapter 6 and 10: Jasmin Weilbacher    
    Chapter 7: Sarah Schuchard,    
      Carla Ghanem    
    Chapter 8: Carla Ghanem    
    Chapter 9: Vince VanderHeijden    
    Summer 2009 (significant) revisions:    
    Chapters 1-5 & 10: Judith Atzler    
    Chapters 6-9: Anke Zwietasch Sanders    
    Fall 2012/Spring 2013 (significant) revisions:    
    Chapters 0-10: Anke Zwietasch Sanders    
    Grimm Grammar Editing:   Video assistants (interviews with):
    Sebastian Heiduschke (proof-reading Eng & Ger)   Björn Freitag (Peter and Harald)
    Karen Kelton (proof-reading Eng)   Mindy Maul (Sophia and Adan)
    Julia Flachenecker (proof-reading Ger)   Carla Ghanem (Berna and Jan)
        Jansen Harris (Christian)
        Judith Atzler (Hassan)
        Anke Zwietasch Sanders (Eisdiele)
    Webquest & Interactive Polls:    
    Sebastian Heiduschke, Ph.D.    
    Sarah Schuchard & Guido Halder    

    Video Participants (Interviews & Sprache im Kontext Clips):

    Mario Klammer Peter Hess
    Tobias Rotter Harald Becker
    Tobias Kerstin Somerholter
    Kathrin Zöller Kersten Horn
    Rika, Christine, Brigitte Eva Kunkel
    Frau Roswitha Paul Berna Güneli
    Verkäuferin Jan Ülzmann
    Peter Müller Sara Cottingham
    Susan Dietz, Josh Froemming, Doug Marshall Andrew Kulha
    Vanessa Martinez Austin Pierce
    Adam McElwee Florian Flachenecker
    Stephan Kempf Sophia & Adan
    Hassan Mojtabaeezamani Anke Zwietasch Sanders
    Erin Covert  

    Grimm Grammar Characters Brought to Life by:

    Zsuzsanna Abrams Judith Hammer
    Caroline Ahlemann Martin Kley
    Kit Belgum Werner Krauss
    Gary Dickerson Marc Rathmann
    Helmut Flachenecker Daniela Richter
    Julia Flachenecker Karen Roesch
    Carla Ghanem Jan Ülzmann
    Berna Güneli Jasmin Weilbacher
    Sabine Hake Julia Zerger
    Guido Halder  

    This project was funded by generous grants from the Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services at the University of Texas, Austin ˜ 2005-2009

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