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13.1: Section préliminaire

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    In this section, you will find useful resources


    Welcome to French OER 3. This is the second book in the French OER program. Feel free to visit French OER 1 and French OER 2 to review linguistic content.


    In order to become fluent in French you need to practice it as much as possible. Here are some important things to remember:

    1. Repetition is key. You need to hear a word or expression many times before you actually remember it. You should try to listen to as much French as possible by talking to people, watching videos and films, and listening to music. Try reading out loud often and repeating after native French speakers in online tutorials.
    2. Language is inseparable from our social life and therefore requires an understanding of social and cultural norms. We have all learned our native language because we were immersed in it from the day we were born. We can't learn a second language in a vacuum, so you need to immerse yourself in the French language as much as possible in order to learn how to speak French appropriately from one situation to the next. Remember that what we say always depends on the person we address, the time and place, and the social activity in which we are participating.

    Additional Resources

    Dictionnaires / Dictionaries


    Symboles phonétiques des sons du français

    Alphabet Phonétique International

    Voyelles orales

    [i] pire [piʁ]

    [e] pré [pʁe]

    [ɛ] père [pɛʁ]

    [a] mal [mal]

    [y] vu [vy]

    [ø] peu [p ø]

    [ə] je [ʒə]

    [œ] peur [pœʁ]

    [u] mou [mu]

    [o] zéro [zeʁo]

    [ɔ] sort [sɔʁ]

    [ɑ] pâle [pɑl]

    Voyelles nasales

    [ɛ̃] pain [pɛ̃]

    [oẽ] un [oẽ]

    [ɔ̃] bon [bɔ̃]

    [ɑ̃] blanc [blɑ̃]

    Semi-consonnes (glissantes)

    [j] bille [bij]

    [w] ouate [wat]

    [ɥ] huile [ɥil]

    Consonnes orales

    [p] pile [pil]

    [b] bête [bɛt]

    [t] tête [tɛt]

    [d] dame [dam]

    [f] flamme [flam]

    [v] ville [vil]

    [k] calme [kalm]

    [g] galop [galo]

    [s] site [sit]

    [z] zut [zyt]

    [ʃ] chocolat [ʃokola]

    [ʒ] journal [ʒuʁnal]

    [ʁ] rousse [ʁus]

    [l] loup [lu]

    Consonnes nasales

    [m] matou [matu]

    [n] nul [nyl]

    [ɲ] agneau [aɲo]

    [ŋ] parking [paʁkŋ]

    13.1: Section préliminaire is shared under a CC BY-NC license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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