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2.14: Takeaways

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    In this chapter we:

    • Wrote an introduction and developed a working thesis/main claim
    • Examined what makes a successful thesis
    • Planned body paragraphs: including a topic sentence evidence, and analysis
    • Wrote a conclusion
    • Explored different strategies for improving cohesion within and between paragraphs.

    Questions for reflection

    • How does having a strong thesis statement affect the rest of the essay?
    • What are your favorite strategies for writing a hook? Why?
    • What is challenging about writing a strong body paragraph?
    • Which methods of using cohesion do you already use, and which ones are new to you?
    • Find an essay or article. What kind of cohesion methods does the writer use? Are they effective?
    • Look back at the 2.2: Sample Student Summary/Response Essay - Stereotype Threat and the other sample essays in this book. Can you identify all of the parts of an introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion? Can you find examples of transition words, known to new sentence structure, demonstrative pronouns with summary nouns, and parallel structure for increasing cohesion?

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