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To the Instructor

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    Dear instructor,

    Thank you for choosing "Getting to Know You" for your ESL class!

    This module is designed for an intermediate level ESL class with an academic focus. It may be used alone or in conjunction with the first module in the series, "People and Places." Both modules use a genre-based approach to reading, writing, speaking and listening. In this module, authentic texts on a single theme and single genre (biographical profiles) allow students to encounter a range of exemplars of one genre and build rhetorical flexibility. The materials present the opportunity to practice reading strategies, analyze rhetorical features, and produce original texts using the authentic texts as models. In "Getting to Know You," students read, watch and analyze biographical profiles about students, interns, employees, artists and volunteers. They watch a TED talk about conducting an interview, then write questions for their own formal interview. The culminating project involves conducting an interview and composing a biographical profile of a classmate or community member.

    Grammar and vocabulary instruction are thematically integrated. Vocabulary activities and quizzes are included. Grammar is presented using inductive and deductive reasoning in slide presentations that offer curated videos with grammar instruction for extended study and thematically related practice activities.

    I recommend using this module during the first half of a semester, since it offers the opportunity to interview and write about a classmate and build community in the classroom. The module comprises three chapters, or approximately four weeks' materials for a six-unit ESL community college class.

    Materials in Google doc and Google slide format are available at Getting to Know You. Instructors can also find password protected quizzes and answer keys at that site. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions about this module. I hope you and your students enjoy!

    Sara Ferguson

    Grossmont College

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