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Humanities LibreTexts The Homonyms- For, Four, and Fore

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    The Homonyms: For, Four, and Fore

    1.  For is a preposition which expresses a reason or a time.  For example: I went to the market for some eggs.  I was at the library for three hours.  He bought a present for his girlfriend.  He went on vacation for three weeks.

    For is also a coordinating conjunction, also expressing a reason for doing something.  When for is used as a conjunction, it is always preceded by a comma.  For example: I went to the market, for I needed to buy some eggs.  I was in the library, for I needed to study for an exam on Monday.  He bought a present for his girlfriend , for it was his girlfriend’s birthday.  He didn’t go to work for three weeks, for he was on vacation.

    2.  Four is a number.  For example, I have four hammers.  The boy is four years old.  I was gone on vacation for four days.  He borrowed four dollars from me.

    3.  Fore means something in front or most important.  It is used as a prefix in front of another word.  For example:  A person’s forehead is above his eyes.  The forecast is for rain all day long.  She is the foremost cancer researcher in America.

    For, Four, and Fore Exercise 

    Exercise 10:  Fill in the blanks with the correct word, please.

    1.  I spent ------------ months working, ------------ I needed extra money.

    2.  ------------ ------------ years she worked every weekend ------------ the same company.

    3.  ------------ many years, Microsoft was in the ------------ front of computer technology.

    4.  This is sentence number ----------.

    5.  The housewife went to the bookstore ------------ ------------ books ------------ her son.

    6.  ------------ a long time, I have worked ------------ this college.

    7.  ------------ many years America was considered the ------------most country in the world economically.

    8.  The fortune teller ------------told the man’s future.

    9.  The woman was very worried, ------------ her mother had to have a serious operation.

    10.  We waited ------------the line to get shorter before we went ------------ some ice cream.

    11.  The old woman fell down ------------ the fourth time today. The Homonyms- For, Four, and Fore is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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