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Humanities LibreTexts Minimal Pairs- Long and Short Vowels

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    Minimal Pairs:  Long and Short Vowels

    bade    bad                              beat     bet                           pine     pin

    bait     bat                               reap     rep                           file       fill

    rate     rat                               seat      set                           site      sit

    mate   mat                              feel       fell                           bile      bill

    tape    tap                               Pete      pet                          pile      pill


    boat     bot                              rube      rub                          feel      fill

    road     rod                              tube      tub                          heed    hid

    coat     cot                              cute       cut                          peel     pill

    cone    con                              duel       dull                         he’s     his

    tote     tot                               huge      hug                         reap    rip


    mate   met                              deed      did                          pup     pop

    sail     sell                               read       rid                           rut      rot

    wait    wet                              we’ll       will                          cup     cop

    paper  pepper                        seal         sill                           jug      jog

    gate    get                             cheap      chip                         dug     dog


    get     gut                               bet         bit                           Dan     Don

    pen    pun                              set          sit                           ran      Ron

    beg    bug                              sell          sill                          band    bond

    peg    pug                              fell          fill                           Jan      John            

    rent    runt                             tell          till                           sad      sod Minimal Pairs- Long and Short Vowels is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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