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4.12: Answer Key

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    Answer Key

    EX 1, P 24 - 25: 1. A book is being bought now. 2. Books are bought every quarter. 3. Books were being bought at the bookstore this morning. 4. A book was bought at the bookstore this morning. 5. Some books will be bought next week (by my sister). 6. Her books will be being bought (by my sister) at 6:00 PM tonight. 7. A book has been bought this morning. 8. A book had been bought (by my mother) before she went to the baby shower. 9. Many books will have been bought by the time we finish our college careers. 10. Her car is being driven by my sister now. 11. Her car is driven every day (by her). 12. My car was being driven this morning. 13. My wife’s van was driven to the post office this morning. 14. My sister’s car will be driven to Seattle next summer. 15. My car will be driven to the party (by my son). 16. My car has been driven many times by my son. 17. Trucks had been driven (by my brother) for many years before I got my license. 18. Cars will have been driven (by me) for 55 years on my next birthday. 19. My students’ homework papers must be checked (by me). 20. Young children’s parents should be obeyed (by them). 21. Healthy food ought to be eaten (by children). 22. The stop sign should have been seen (by them). 23. The same movie has been seen three times (by him). 24. The neighbor’s dog was being played with (by us). 25. The new mother’s baby is being nursed (by her) now.

    EX 2, P 26 – 27: 1. The basket was carried into the living room. 2. This exercise is being written right now. 3. A bowl of cereal has been eaten for breakfast (by me). 4. My wife’s car was being driven to the store last night (by her). 5. This exercise will be finished by 11:15 PM tonight. 6. Your homework needs to be done this evening. 7. My car has been stolen. 8. His horse had been ridden by the time I got home. 9. All the candles were blown out on his birthday cake. 10. The dog’s leg was broken when it fell off the porch. 11. Beer is being drunk in the kitchen now. 12. His bill will be paid today. 13. His books are put into his bag every morning. 14. A woman was shot and killed in Washington D. C. last night. 15. A hamburger was being eaten in a restaurant last night. 16. The lights are turned off in my house every night. 17. The piano has been played for many years. 18. The letter will have been written by the time his wife gets home. 19. Another country might be bombed (by America) just before the end of summer. 20. A rock was thrown at a mad dog. 21. The van has been seen in the parking lot.

    EX 3, P 28: 1. Our dinner is cooked in the kitchen every evening. 2. Wood is burned in fireplaces during winter (by many people). 3. The piano is played quite often in our house. 4. Broken things are fixed in my house all of the time. 5. Movies are shown at the Oak Tree Cinema every day. 6. Beds are made in motels seven days a week. 7. Vegetables and flowers are grown in gardens. 8. Medicine is taken by people when sick. 9. Planes are flown out of Seatac Airport twenty-four hours a day. 10. Examinations are corrected all over the world. 11. Foreign languages are learned in classrooms all over the world. 12. Water is drunk with meals in many countries.

    EX 4, P 29 - 30: 1. Three hundred books were bought at the store yesterday. 2. My suit was worn by my son to the party. 3. The car was broken into and a CD player was stolen. 4. My sons were nursed when they were babies. 5. A pedestrian who was crossing the street this morning was hit by a truck. 6. The bus was driven along Third Avenue in downtown Seattle. 7. A chicken was roasted for dinner this evening. 8. A pedestrian was struck by a car in the crosswalk this morning. 9. Beets were grown in my garden over the winter. 10. Bread was brought to my house by an old woman last Monday.11. Seattle was beaten by Cleveland in the baseball game, 9 to 5. 12. Millions of hamburgers were eaten yesterday. 13. A valuable diamond ring was stolen by a burglar from my neighbor last week. 14. This sentence was written at 11:45 last night. 15. The candles were blown out on the little girl’s birthday cake. 16.  The boy’s mother was tripped by the dog. 17. Two eggs were fried by my son for breakfast. 18. These 18 sentences were written by your teacher. 19. The bookstore was broken into last night. 20. A lot of money was stolen. 21. A new president was elected last year. 22. The ball was thrown to the boy’s brother during the game. 23. The plane was flown into the side of a mountain. 24. Five books were shoved into the boy’s backpack. 25. All of my money was lost in the casino last week.

    EX 5, P 31: 1. My fence will be fixed on Sunday. 2. My friends and I would be taken fishing by my father when I was a boy. 3. Football can be played in high school. 4. A lot of old clothes might be given away after Christmas. 5. Lines must be skipped in my class. 6. The homework should be given to the teacher on its due date. 7. A lot of candy could be bought for a few cents a long time ago. 8. Public restrooms may be used whenever people need to. 9. A good breakfast should be eaten every morning. 10. The baseball field could be seen from my bedroom when I was a boy. 11. Your hands should be washed after you go to the bathroom. 12. More English will be understood by you by the end of this quarter. 13. Many languages can be spoken in this class.

    EX 6, P 32: 1.Nutricious breast milk can be given to babies. 2. Our dog must be fed every day. 3. Parents should be obeyed by children. 4. My house might be broken into when I am at work. 5. Helicopters would be flown every day by my friend in Vietnam. 6. Uniforms must be worn to school in some schools. 7. My hair would be cut by my grandfather when I was a boy. 8. A piece of music might be composed by my son this weekend. 9. My pants and shirts will be ironed this weekend. 10. Some groceries may be picked up at the store today (by someone in my family). 11. A lot of money will be spent this summer in Rhode Island (by me). 12. Candles on a birthday cake can be blown out. 13. A present should be given to their mother by my sons on Mother’s Day.

    EX 7, P. 33 - 34: A: 1. Be made 2. Be operated on 3. Must be fixed 4. Be invented 5. Should be discussed B: 1. A lot of homework must have been done. 2. Dinner will be cooked for my family tonight. 3. Matches must not be played with. 4. Many cars have to be repaired. 5. The floors had better be washed before Sunday. C: The mechanic had to use many tools to fix the car. 2. Mr. Smith’s students should have read the book. 3. Young children can eat a lot of candy. 5. All students should study grammar. D: 1. Be avoided 2. Must have been 3. Have been sent (or could be sent) 4. Be learned 5. Have been seen 6. Be punished (or have been punished) E: The dishes had to be done for his sick wife. 2. A turkey should have been cooked for her guests on Thanksgiving. 3. His girlfriend may be taken to a restaurant tonight. 4. All of the food could have been eaten. 5. A beautiful device for cleaning floors would be invented. 6. A glass of milk might be drunk for breakfast. F: 1. My mother would wash the dirty clothes on Saturday. 2. His neighbor’s dog might have bitten him. 3. Anyone can use a computer in this school. 4. Everyone in the room was able to see him. 5. The principal will expel five boys from the school for fighting.

    EX 8, P 35: 1. The boy was taken to the hospital last week. 2. The car was being driven very fast on the highway. 3. The dishes need to be done before you go to bed. 4. The past time frame of verbs have been studied in this class. 5. This sentence is being written right now. 6. The car must have been fixed by now. 7. His coat is hung up in the closet by the boy every night. 8. The boys are brought to the movies every Saturday by their father. 9. Our homework had been done before we went to the movies. 10. His truck was driven into the lake by accident last Friday evening. 11. Parents should be helped by their children around the house. 12. His book was dropped on the floor in the classroom. 13. Some money will be given to my children by my grandfather next week.

    EX 9, P 36: 1. The teacher prepared the lesson for the class. 2. My wife (or someone else) washed the floors and walls before I got home. 3. The students needed to do the exercise before they arrived at school the next day. 4. The painters are painting the house as we speak. 5. While the repairman was repairing the telephone, I had to go to Safeway to make a call. 6. My mother (or someone else) told my friends not to look for me next week. 7. We must eat all the food before we go on vacation. 8. My old friend is repairing my computer today. 9. The police shot the robber during the robbery attempt. 10. The parents needed to buy the medicine for the sick children. 11. An employee (or someone else) could have stolen the money from the convenience store last week. 12. Someone took the picture before they got married. 13. The teacher teaches the students grammar daily in class.

    EX 10, P 37: 1. The laundry must have been done last week. 2. A new car could have been bought by my old friend last week. 3. Seeds should have been planted in my garden last week, but they weren’t. 4. A lot of money must have been paid for the I-Pod last week. 5. Lunch might have been had by my wife with her friend yesterday. 6. His umbrella might have been forgotten on the bus by the old man. 7. His leg might have been broken playing football. 8. The irregular verbs should have been learned by you by now. 9. Another cup of coffee could have been drunk this morning. 10. His sweater might have been shrunk in the washing machine. 11. Sara’s daughter’s basketball game might have been attended by Sara. 12. Some gas should have been put in my car by my son on Saturday. 13. The letter could have been sent by express mail.

    EX 11, P 38: 1. All of the food in the refrigerator has been eaten. 2. The grass in my yard has been cut. 3. The moon has been looked at for thousands of years. 4. I have been telephoned twice this week by my sister. 5. A lot of passive voice grammar has been learned this quarter. 6. Many vegetables have been picked from my garden this weekend. 7. A couple of holes in my yard have been dug by my dog this weekend. 8. Many exercises have been written for this class this quarter. 9. A checking account has been opened by my wife for my son at the bank. 10. The dishes have been done this evening. 11. A lot of email messages have been written by my friend for his friends today. 12. Today’s newspaper has already been read. 13. The lettuce has been spun three days in a row this weekend.

    EX 12, P 39: 1. Beans and rice are wanted for lunch today. 2. John is wanted to cook the beans and rice. 3. This exercise needs to be corrected. 4. Food and water are needed to survive. 5. The house ought to be cleaned before their mother gets home. 6. The leftovers in the refrigerator need to be eaten pretty soon. 7. The floor needs to be swept by my girlfriend before she can go home from work. 8. All his homework had to be done before he could go out and play. 9. André was asked to wash the dishes. 10. Spaghetti is going to be eaten for dinner tonight. 11. The daughter’s room had better be cleaned before the guests come to dinner. 12. The clothes need to be washed before tomorrow. 13. My brother is being thought about (by me) now.

    EX 13, P 41: 1. The man is frightening. The people in the bank are frightened. 2. The answer was surprising. 3. The boys were excited.  The news was exciting. 4. The students were disappointed. The results were disappointing. 5. The employees were compensated. 6. The mother was disgusted. The mess was disgusting.

    EX 14, P 45: Various answers

    EX 15, P 48: Various answers

    EX 16, P 52 – 54:  I. 1. My friend who has just returned home from work took his friend to the hospital. 2. The old lady who has had a bad cold for four days has a red nose. 3. The doctor who has red hair gave a patient a prescription for some medicine. 4. The policeman who had never used his gun on duty before shot the dog after it had bitten his left leg. 5. The students who had never gotten out of line with their former teacher were causing a lot of problems for the new teacher. 6. The boys who rarely did anything around the house were helping clean the house and straighten up the back yard. 7. My friend’s mother who never went to high school was a very smart woman. 8. The last time I saw my friend who used to live next door to me, he was walking along the beach with his wife. 9. The twin sisters who had eaten spicy food in a fast food restaurant the night before last both had the runs. II. 1. I am looking at an important man who owns a lot of businesses downtown. 2. Some friends of mine who had drugs in their luggage were on a bus in Thailand when a policeman got on the bus. 3. The woman who had taught at the University of Washington for 15 years wrote a textbook for her chemistry class. 4. The doctor gave the girl who had played out in the cold without a coat some medicine for her sore throat. 5. The mechanic who fixed my neighbor’s car owned a shop near my house. 6. The president of the company had some problems with some of his employees who they thought was unfair to them and had cheated them out of their wages. 7. The cowboy who had learned to ride when he was three years old trained his horse when he was a young man. 8. I thought about buying the car from the salesman who offered it to me at a good price. 9. The three brothers who all went into the army after they graduated from high school worked on their father’s farm for many years. 10. Quite a few kids who all wore a red sweater and blues jeans were at the football game last night. 11. The ball player who plays the outfield for the Indians took a great swing at the pitch. 12. The lawyer who owned a big house, a red BMW, and a sailboat was very rich.

    EX 17, P 54: Various answers

    EX 18, P 55: 1.  We kept an eye on the boy whom the police wanted to talk to. 2. The teacher was talking to the students whom another teacher wanted to talk to, too. 3. The man whom the woman fell in love with was the president of a large corporation. 4. The man whom the people respected was killed in an automobile accident. 5. The children whom a stranger frightened were playing in the back yard. 6. The man brought his car to the mechanic whom I have known for many years. 7. Last week we saw the singer whom John had dated for six months in Las Vegas. 8. The boys whom the police arrested for robbery last week quit school last year. 9. The men whom the woman cooked a delicious meal for had helped the woman repair her fence. 10. The thief whom the police arrested today had stolen money from the old woman.

    EX 19, P 56 - 57: 1. The boys whom I spoke to at the door carried their books into the room. 2. I gave my sister, whom my wife gave some flowers, a box of cookies. 3. The big man whom I met many years ago had a lot of friends. 4. I played tennis with my next-door neighbor whom I lent a tennis racket to. 5. The truck drivers whom I met in Tacoma drove their trucks to Seattle. 6. My sister took care of my brother, whom the doctors told not to live alone. 7. The baseball player whom I saw in Chinatown last year played a good game. 8. I sent a letter to the president whom I don’t like at all. 9. The murderer whom the police caught last night had killed a policeman. 10. My wife took our sons, whom she made carry the shopping bags into the house, to the market yesterday. 11. My wife, whom my sons didn’t annoy all day long, watched a movie with me on Saturday evening. 12. I gave an allowance to my kids whom my wife told not to spend it foolishly. 13. This afternoon, I drank some beer with my friends whom I met in Iran in 1975.

    EX 20, P 57: Various answers

    EX 21, P 58: 1. The two men who had an important meeting to attend went into the office. 2. I went to the party with Bob and John, whom I have known for many years. 3. The teacher who had been very busy with meetings and conferences at school forgot to copy the assignment. 4. The girls brought their father who had to attend an important meeting in San Francisco to the airport. 5. The mailman whom I had never seen before delivered the package to my office. 6. The baseball players who play for the Seattle Mariners went into the restaurant. 7. The doctor who is famous all over the world operated on the man’s heart. 8. My sister-in-law whom my wife doesn’t like very much is coming to my house this weekend. 9. Some students who used to attend a different school were fighting in the cafeteria. 10. I took my son, who plays both the piano and the violin, to his music lesson last Tuesday. 11. My sister who used to always make dinner for him took care of my brother all the time. 12. Mike and Tom, whom I saw at the mall yesterday, love to play baseball. 13. I gave Bob, whom I have known for many years, a beautiful new baseball glove.

    EX 22, P 60 - 61: 1. I put my tools in the wooden box which my son knocked over a few minutes later. 2. During the weekend, I worked in my garden which looks very clean now. 3. I have two special pens which my wife gave me before we got married. 4. For breakfast, I ate a bagel which tasted very good. 5. When studying a foreign language, students should study grammar which is the foundation of all languages. 6. When he was young, my son André had braces which he broke once when he was horsing around with his brother. 7. I will buy a birthday present which my wife wants me to select and pay for for my friend next Saturday. 8. Yesterday, my son fell off my bike which he had borrowed from me because his bike had a flat tire. 9. We went into the kitchen which we had remodeled a few years before. 10. The last time I saw my dog which my wife took for a walk, she was sleeping on the porch.

    EX 23, P 61: Various answers

    EX 24, P 61: Various answers

    EX 25, P 62 - 63: 1. The boy brought the ball that had red stripes to the park. 2. The student that goes to many parties every night forgot to do her homework. 3. I had to use a wrench to loosen the bolt that was old and rusty. 4. The car that I drove last weekend was old and didn’t have power steering. 5. The man that kicked the dog for no reason was walking down the street. 6. Yesterday, I saw three cats that had black fur and white noses. 7. My friend just bought a fishing boat that came with twin engines and rods and reels. 8. A cake that someone had already taken a bite out of was on the table. 9. A black dog that likes to play Frisbee lives up the street from me. 10. I lost quite a few books in the fire that started in the basement of my house. 11. A lot of people in the restaurant were celebrating a wedding that my wife made me go to with her.

    EX 26, P 63: Various answers

    EX 27, P 64 - 65: 1. The old woman who was carrying a large purse brought her daughter into the doctor’s office. 2. Frances Brown, whom all of the mechanics knew, came into the automobile garage. 3. The teacher who also works in a large corporation gave a very interesting lecture yesterday. 4. The author was a very famous 20th century American author who wrote novels and short stories about a Southern town. 5. Modern English, which was written by Marcella Frank, is a very good English writing book. 6. One of my cars has a broken fuel pump which will cost about $175 to replace. 7. My father, who spoke French as his first language, only went to the 6th grade in school. 8. The king of Saudi Arabia, who is one of the wealthiest people in the world, comes from a very old family. 9. The song that is being played by my son was written by Irving Berlin. 10. “Moonlight Sonata, which was written by Irving Berlin, is being played by my son now. 11. My friend who bought the car two years ago drives a 1990 Toyota. 12. I gave the basket to my neighbor Don, who used to work for Safeway.

    EX 28, P 65: Various answers

    EX 29, P 66: 1.  The book which my brother gave me for my birthday fell on the floor. 2. The Vietnamese boy who was fishing with his friend lost his fishing pole. 3. I spoke to the girl’s father whom I met many years ago. 4. The workers whom their boss thanked very much had to eat lunch late yesterday. 5. My car which I may take to the mechanic this weekend needs a tune up very badly. 6. The protesters who are protesting the globalization of the world economy are going to Italy this week. 7. The business which is losing money needs to make some changes in its practices. 8. The new teacher gave the students an exam which she wrote last night. 9. The children who had eaten a lot of green apples had the runs. 10. My wife gave my sons who were very hungry noodles for lunch. 11. I took the report which concerned finances for next year to my employer when I got back from my trip. 12. The child whom I picked up and held until her mother came for her was crying. 13. Shirley Temple, who became a U S ambassador, was a famous movie star as a child.

    EX 30, P 70: The man whose beard caught on fire while he was cooking dinner had never cooked dinner for his family. 2. The boy whose arm is in a cast has trouble eating food. 3. The boy whose father is a doctor visited our class yesterday. 4. You thanked the woman whose phone you used. 5. One of your uncles whose wife had a bad accident two weeks ago visited your home. 6. People wanted to help the old man whose house caught fire and burned down last week. 7. The fat man whose dog bit my brother is your neighbor. 8. The teacher whose class you are in has a beautiful beard. 9. The woman whose parents came from Italy was a first generation American. 10. The dog whose ears were long and soft was very cute and funny looking. 11. The men whose dogs were acting very excited planned to go hunting in the mountains. 12. The man whose nephew was waiting for the package forgot to send the package.

    EX 30, P 69: Various answers

    EX 31, P 70 – 71: 1. He girl whose mother I met at a party last week visited our class. 2. I went fishing with the teacher whose boat could hold three people. 3. My neighbor whose dog loves to play with my boys was visiting our house. 4. I went for a drive with the boys whose father worked in a shop near our house. 5. I gave a lot of homework to my students whose faces didn’t look too happy. 6. My dog, whose house is on the side of the house, loves to eat and sleep on the deck. 7. Seattle, whose lakes and green areas make it a special place, is a beautiful city. 8. The table whose legs were in-laid with teak wood cost $1,500. 9. The children whose grandmother raised them had lost both of their parents in an accident. 10. I gave my students whose English skills are not perfect this assignment. 11. We went to the theater on Friday evening with Doug and Debbie Clark, whose son stayed overnight at our house. 12. I saw a beautiful bird whose feathers were blue and red at the zoo. 13. My neighbor whose back was injured in an accident is finally cleaning up his yard.

    EX 32, P 71: Various answers

    EX 33, P 73: 1. I’ll never forget the day when I met Roger. 2. He lives in a tall building where I work. 3. The city where we spent our summer vacation was beautiful. 4. He lives on that street where there was an accident last week. 5. 1945 was the year when I was born. 6. We ate lunch at that restaurant where they serve delicious Italian food. 7. Wednesday is the day when we go to the computer lab. 8. Bob keeps his money in the bank where his brother works. 9. I went into the tavern last night when a fist fight broke out. 10. We carried the child into the room where his bed was. 11. Last year when my uncle came for a visit we went to Canada on vacation.12. I had a great time at the party where I met a lot of nice people. 13. I came to class yesterday morning when I was sick. 14. My sister saw me at the market where she always shops.

    EX 34, P 74: Various answers

    EX 35, P 75 - 76: 1. We went into the building that rose high into the sky above the other buildings. 2. My sons and their friends went for a walk with our dog which likes to run away. 3. My wife, who has also written five cookbooks, teaches cooking classes in our house. 4. The man who has his own computer business in downtown Seattle took his briefcase with him to the meeting. 5. The baseball game which featured Atlanta against Florida was on television. 6. Three boys who wore masks on their faces walked into the room and stole the money on the table. 7. The boys came into the room with their friend who had a ball and bat with him. 8. The mountain range that has many high peaks and deep valleys is located in the western part of the United States. 9. Five horses that have no owner ran into the field. 10. The books which cost $20.00 for the set were written by Edgar Allen Poe. 11. The Space Needle, where my friend works, is very famous. 12. I put the book on the kitchen floor where my brother tripped over it. 13. My mother, who loved to eat fried food, made French fries for dinner. 14. We flew in an airplane to Sicily, where my grandfather was born. 15. I have a car that has 166,500 miles on it.

    EX 36, P 77 – 78: 1. We put the dog that my friend owned into the room. 2. My sister took her grandchildren into the toy store which was located on the corner of Fifth and Jackson. 3. The old man whose son had wanted to buy a new horse for him as a birthday present rode his old horse into town every morning. 4. The man brought his books which I took from him to class with him. 5. The students whom the teacher made do more homework and take another test hadn’t studied for the first test. 6. The man gave his wife a diamond ring which she didn’t think was beautiful enough. 7. The man made his brother whom I teach every day study for the exam. 8. On the floor, I found the map which my son dropped last night. 9. Last night we ate in a restaurant which my wife chose. 10. I went to the baseball game which the Mariners won with a friend from Canada. 11. I lost my wallet which my wife gave me as a birthday present at the Space Needle. 12. Bob and his brother, who often share expenses, bought a new boat. 13. My wife, who is always on a diet, wants to lose weight. 14. My 1999 Ford Taurus, which has never given me any trouble, is a good car.

    EX 37, P 80 – 81: 1. The teachers discussed the student with many personal problems, one of which was that he had bad vision. 2. In this class, there are 21 students, some of whom are from Vietnam. 3. We bought ten bags of rice, two of which were imported from India. 4. He introduced us to his brothers, all of whom had fast cars. 5. They had two pets, both of which were friendly. 6. My father had 11 brothers and sisters, none of whom is still alive. 7. We bought a used car, the inside of which looked like new. 8. I have six flowers in my house, two of which are blue. 9. There are two secretaries in the office, neither of whom speaks French. 10. I have two boys, one of whom is named Alex. 11. Many of the students wanted to take a vacation, a few of whom had a lot of money in the bank. 12.  The little boy poured a glass of milk, a lot of which spilled on the floor. 13. The family had three children, one of whom was a girl.  14. I had six uncles, two of whom were Italian.

    EX 38, P 81: Various answers

    EX 39, P 82 – 83: 1. We went into the living room where there was a dead body on the floor. 2. The boy whose father had broken his leg the day before took his dog for a walk. 3. Ken Griffey is a very famous baseball player who used to play centerfield for the Seattle Mariners. OR Ken Griffey, who used to play centerfield for the Seattle Mariners, is a very famous player. 4. The woman who was wearing heavy shoes stepped on your toe. 5. The man grew up in a small town where many famous people come from. 6. The policeman gave the woman whom I saw the next day a speeding ticket. 7. He drove his car down by the river where he often went fishing. 8. She got a letter from her mother which arrived three days after it was mailed. 9. The women who work for the same company went to a movie together. 10. A taxi driver who liked to talk a lot took us to the airport. 11. Fifteen ball players who played for a local team were running in the field. 12. The burglar whose brother was waiting for him in the car stole the jewelry from the store. 13. Hawaii, which is a great place for a vacation, consist of eight principle islands. 14. My uncle has three houses, one of which is in Florida. 15. My son ate four sandwiches, two of which were for my other son.

    EX 40, P 85 – 86: 1. The man at whom Mary was looking (Or whom Mary was looking at) had a lot of money in his hand. 2. The table on which there was a lamp cost a lot of money. 3. He drove to my house in a new car in which he had his parents and girlfriend. 4. The teacher always stood in front of the table on which he put his book. 5. My sons took our dog to a friend’s house where they met their friend. 6. Chinese cooking, about which my wife is writing a cook book, is very delicious. 7. The man put the tools in the box in which there was already a large hammer. 8. The man found the book in which Mary saw the beautiful picture. 9. The wall was made of bricks over which the boy threw the ball. 10. The teacher gave the kids a lot of homework with which they needed some help. 11. I bought some food at the store into which I went with my boys. 12. He helped the girls with whom he went into a restaurant with their yard work.

    EX 41, P 86: Various answers

    EX 42, P 87 – 88: 1. There are 25 players on a baseball team, ten of whom are pitchers. 2. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, five of which are vowels. 3. My friend’s dog had ten puppies, eight of which were males. 4. In my life I have visited over 50 countries, most of which are in Asia. 5. In my garden this year, I grew many vegetables, some of which I gave to my neighbors and friends. 6. When I was at my sister’s house, I saw a lot of people, many of whom I had met as a boy. 7. The Himalayan Mountains, in which I have walked about 1,000 miles, are very high and beautiful. 8. My friend is in a very dangerous financial situation about which he no longer can do anything. 9. My son picked up the shovel I had been using in the garden in which we had been working for a few hours. 10. The house in which the Bourrets are living is very beautiful and old. 11. The Sears Tower, in which my friend works as a financial analyst, is in Chicago. 12. The girl has many rings, three of which she is wearing on her left hand. 13. There are many men who live on my street, four of whom have the name Don. 14. I have very many cousins, one of whom lives in Maryland.

    EX 43, P 91: 1. I might fly back to Providence, R. I. this summer if I can find a cheap plane ticket. 2. If the student can get a ride from her friend, she will come to class tomorrow. 3. I might call my sister this evening if I am able to finish my homework early. 4. My son eats breakfast if he has enough time. 5. The student is usually late to class; however, if he arrives on time, the other students are surprised. 6. If the students need to use the services of the library, they study there. 7. If John passes ENG 101 this quarter, he will take ENG 102 next quarter. 8. People are much happier if the sun comes out. 9. Students can study quietly in the library if other students are quiet there. 10. If my son wants to practice the piano, he goes to the piano room. 11. If people disagree with the woman, she gets angry very quickly. 12. You can’t get out of jail if a judge sentences you to jail.

    EX 44, P 92: Various answers

    EX 45, P 93: Various answers

    EX 46, P 94: 1. Went 2. Walked 3. Watched 4. Stayed 5. Were 6. Comforted 7. Didn’t have to buy 8. Had 9. Gave 10. Hit 11. Got 12. Slapped 13. Cooked 14. Yelled 15. Were 16. Ate 17. Brought

    EX 47, P 95: 1. Should you win the lottery, … 2. Should it rain next Friday, … 3. Should I catch a cold, …. 4. Should my car break down on my way home, .… 5. Should my son get a better job, …. 6. Should my wife plan a barbecue for dinner on Saturday, … 7. Should the Seattle Mariners ever win the World Series, …. 8. Should I go to Montreal, Canada, for a vacation, …. 9. Should my son Alex come home for a vacation next year, …. 10. Should my son André buy a house, …. 11. Should it rain tomorrow, …. 12. Should my sister have enough money, ….

    EX 48, P 98: Various answers

    EX 49, P 99: Various answers

    EX 50, P 100: 1. Were you my child, …. 2. Were I an airplane pilot, …. 3.Were my wife sitting here, …. 5. Were I sick today, …. 6. Were I to have a lot of hair, ….7. Were my son to eat three hamburgers, …. 8. Were I to lose $1,000 gambling, …. 9. Were I to wear dirty shoes in my house, …. 10. Were I to get a DWI, …. 11. Were I to shave my beard off, …. 12. Were I to have more space, ….

    EX 51, P 105 – 106: Various answers

    EX 52, P 107: Various answers

    4.12: Answer Key is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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