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Humanities LibreTexts Relative Clauses (In-Class Exercises)

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    Relative Clauses (In-Class Exercises)

    Exercise 42:  Combine the following sentences by making the relative clause the object of a preposition.  Make the second sentence the relative clause, please.


    I took four books to the office with me.  Three of the books were grammar books.
    I took four books, three of which were grammar books, to the office with me.

    1.  There are 25 players on a baseball team.  Ten of the players are pitchers.

    2.  There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.  Five of the letters are vowels.

    3.  My friend's dog had 10 puppies.  Eight of the puppies were males.

    4.  In my life, I have visited over 50 countries.  Most of them are in Asia.

    5.  I grew many vegetables in my garden this year.  I gave some of the vegetables to my neighbors and friends.

    6.  When I was at my sister's house, I saw a lot of people.  Many of the people I had met as a boy.

    7.  The Himalayan Mountains are very high and beautiful.  I have walked about 1,000 miles in the Himalayan Mountains.

    8.  My friend is in a very dangerous financial situation.  He can no longer do anything about his situation.

    9.  My son picked up the shovel I had been using in the garden.  We had been working in the garden for a few hours.

    10.  The house is very beautiful and old.  The Bourrets are living in the house.

    11.  The Sears Tower is in Chicago.  My friend works in the Sears Tower as a financial analyst.

    12.  The girl has many rings.  She is wearing three rings on her left hand.

    13.  There are many men who live on my street.  Four of the men have the name Don.

    14.  I have very many cousins.  One of my cousins lives in Maryland. Relative Clauses (In-Class Exercises) is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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