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Humanities LibreTexts Relative Clauses (Object of Prepositions)

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    Relative Clauses (Object of Prepositions)

    Exercise 40:  Combine the following sentences by making the relative clause the object of a preposition.  Make the second sentence the relative clause, please.


    The man was waiting in line at the bookstore.  I gave the book to the man. 
    The man to whom I gave the book was waiting in line at the store.

    1.  The man had a lot of money in his hand.  Mary was looking at the man. 

    2.  The table cost a lot of money.  There was a big lamp on the table.

    3.  He drove to my house in a new car.  In the car he had his parents and girlfriend.

    4.  The teacher always stood in front of the table.  He put his book on the table.

    5.  My sons took our dog to a friend's house.  They met their friend at that house.

    6.  Chinese cooking is very delicious.  My wife is writing a cookbook about Chinese cooking.

    7.  The man put the tools in a box.  In the box, there was already a large hammer.

    8.  The man found the book.  Mary saw the beautiful picture in the book.

    9.  The wall was made of big bricks.  The boy threw the ball over the wall.

    10.  The teacher gave the kids a lot of homework.  They needed some help with it. 

    11.    I bought some food at the store.  I went into the store with my boys.

    12.  He had helped the girls with their yard work.  He went to a restaurant with them.

    Exercise 41:  Please write five sentences with relative clauses as Objects of Prepositions.









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