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    Relative Clauses (Which)

    Exercise 22:  Combine the following sentences by making the second sentence a relative clause.  In other words, make the second sentence part of the first sentence.


    The man put his tools in the wooden box.  His father had given him the wooden box when he was a little boy.
    The man put his tools in the wooden box which his father had given him when he was a little boy.

    1.  I put my books on the table.  My son knocked over the table a few minutes later.

    2.  During the weekend, I worked in my garden.  My garden looks very clean now.

    3.  I have two special pens.  My wife gave them to me before we got married.

    4.  For breakfast, I ate a bagel.  It tasted very good.

    5.  When studying a foreign language, students should understand grammar.  It is the foundation of all languages.

    6.  When he was young, my son André had braces.  He broke them once when he was horsing around with his brother.

    7.  I will buy a birthday present for my friend next Saturday.  My wife wants me to select and pay for the present.

    8.  Yesterday, my son fell off my bike.  He had borrowed my bike from me because his bike had a flat tire.

    9.  We went into the kitchen.  We had remodeled it a few years before.

    10.  The last time I saw my dog, she was sleeping on the porch.  My sons took her for a walk.

    Exercise 23:  Please write five sentences of your own with WHICH.











    THAT is a relative pronoun that replaces people, things, places and animals.

    Examples with THAT

    I spoke to the man.  He is wearing a red hat.
    Man and He are the same

    I spoke to a man that is wearing a red hat.


    The boy picked up his school books.  They were on the kitchen table.
    School books and They are the same.

    The boy picked up his school books that were on the table.


    I have a very good car.  It has 167,000 miles on it.
    Car and It are the same.

    I have a very good cat that has 167,000 miles on it. Relative Clauses (Which) is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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