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    Relative Clauses (Who)

    16.  Combine the following sentences by making the second sentence a relative clause.  In other words, make the second sentence part of the first sentence.


    The woman opened the door for her husband.  He was carrying a heavy box.
    The woman opened the door for her husband who was carrying a heavy box.

    1.  My friend took his son to the hospital.  My friend had just returned home from work.

    2.  The old lady has a red nose.  She has had a bad cold for four days.

    3.  The doctor gave the patient a prescription for some medicine.  The doctor had red hair.

    4.  The policeman shot the dog after it had bitten his left leg.  He had never used his gun on duty before.

    5.  The students were causing a lot of problems for the new teacher.  They never got out of line with their former teacher.

    6.  The boys were helping their mother clean the house and straighten up the back yard.  They rarely did anything to help out around the house.

    7.  My friend's mother was a very smart woman.  She never went to high school.

    8.  The last time that I saw my friend, he was walking along the beach with his wife.  He used to live next door to me.

    9.  The twin sisters both had the runs.  They had eaten spicy food in a fast food restaurant the night before last.

    II.  Do the same as above.  Combine the following sentences by making the second sentence a relative clause.  Make the second sentence part of the first sentence.

    1.  I am looking at an important man.  The important man owns a lot of businesses downtown.

    2.  Some friends of mine were on a bus in Thailand when a policeman got on the bus.  They had drugs in their luggage.

    3.  The woman wrote a textbook for her chemistry class.  She had taught at the University of Washington for 15 years.

    4.  The doctor gave the girl some medicine for her sore throat.  She had played out in the rain without a coat.

    5.  The mechanic owned the shop near my house.  He fixed my neighbor's car.

    6.  The president of the company had some problems with some of his employees.  They thought he was unfair to them and had cheated them out of their wages.

    7.  The cowboy trained his horse when he was a young man.  He had learned to ride when he was just three years old.

    8.  I thought about buying the car from the salesman.  He offered it to me at a good price.

    9.  The three brothers worked on their father's farm for many years.  They all went into the army after they graduated from high school.

    10.  Quite a few kids were at the football game last night.  They each wore a red sweater and blue jeans.

    11.  The ball player took a great swing at the pitch.  He plays the outfield for the Indians.

    12.  The lawyer was very rich.  He owned a big house, a red BMW, and a sail boat.


    Exercise 17:  Write five more sentences of your own with a WHO relative clause, please.









    5. Relative Clauses (Who) is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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