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Humanities LibreTexts Active to Passive Verb Manipulation Exercise

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    Active to Passive Verb Manipulation Exercise

    Exercise 2:  Change the following sentences from the active voice to the passive voice, please.

    1. The man carried the basket into the living room.


    1. Someone is writing this exercise right now.


    1. I have eaten a bowl of cereal for breakfast.


    1. My wife was driving her car to the store last night.


    1. I will finish this exercise by 11:15 PM tonight.


    1. You need to do your homework this evening.


    1. Someone has stolen my car.


    1. He had ridden his horse by the time I got home.


    1. The boy blew out all the candles on his birthday cake.


    1. The dog broke its leg when it fell off the porch.


    1. The men are drinking beer in the kitchen now.

    2. The old man will pay his bill today.


    1. The boy puts his books into his bag every morning.


    1. A man shot and killed a woman last night in Washington, D.C.


    1. A man was eating a hamburger in a restaurant.


    1. I turn the lights off in my house every night.


    1. My sons have played the piano for many years.


    1. The student will have written a letter by the time his wife gets home.


    1. America might bomb another country just before the end of summer.


    1. The man threw a rock at a mad dog.


    1. Someone has seen the van in the parking lot. Active to Passive Verb Manipulation Exercise is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Don Bissonnette.

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