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1.8: Particles

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  • Grammar Point (English) Pattern Examples
    Change of state with "le" ⋯⋯了 我 25 岁
    Conceding with "ba" ⋯⋯吧 那 好
    Expressing "already" with just "le" Subj. + Verb Phrase + 了 你 应该 问 老师 。我 问
    Expressing completion with "le" Subj. + Verb + 了 + Obj. 我 吃 两 个 苹果。
    Expressing experiences with "guo" Verb + 过 我 去 中国 。
    Expressing "not anymore" with "le" 不 / 没(有) + Verb Phrase + 了 想 吃
    Expressing "now" with "le" New Situation + 了 吃饭
    Modal particle "ne" ⋯⋯呢 ? 我 不 要 回家 。还 早
    Sentence-final interjection "a" ⋯⋯啊 !谁
    Softening speech with "ba" ⋯⋯吧 这样 不 太 好
    Structural particle "de" 的 / 得 / 地 红色的车,跑得很快,慢慢地走
    Using "guo" with "le" Verb + 过 + 了 她 吃
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