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  • The electronic textbook has both .doxc format and .pdf format available in the Google Doc platform. When you access the .doxc format files, make sure you download the files to your computer and use Microsoft Word software to open the files. As you know, Chinese character fonts in Microsoft Word files are incompatible with Google Doc files. If you open and preview the Word (.doxc) files in Google Drive, without downloading, you might find the Chinese characters in the files show with different fonts, and some charts in the textbook are corrupted.

    The .doxc format files are convenient for teachers to edit and use to generate teaching materials, such as PowerPoint slides, vocabulary flash cards, quizzes, and tests. The .pdf format files are convenient for learners to print out, and to explore the contents on all kinds of electronic devices, such as Windows, Mac, iPad, Chromebook, and so on.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me at I will appreciate your comments and feedback.


    Lin Hong

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