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8.2: Mindfulness Practice

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    Firstly, take a pause from reading to peek at RS 6 and RS 7 at the end of this lesson. Now, we’re going to focus on creating practice sentences to do with a partner to purposefully practice fingerspelling phonetically.

    1) Chose five loan signs from either RS 6 Body and Health or RS 7 Transportation.

    2) Pair your fingerspelled word with another word that you determine (longer than seven letters) to create an ASL sentence.

    • Example: Recently, I visited Holly-wood blvd.

    3) When you write out your sentences in ASL, be sure to hyphenate fingerspelled words phonetically at every opportunity.

    4) Practice your five ASL sentences—fingerspelling phonetically—until the words roll with fluidity from your fingertips!

    5) Now, find a partner who also did this lesson and practice signing and fingerspelling your five sentences, remembering to chunk at every opportunity.

    6) How many of your partner’s ten fingerspelled words did you catch?

    7) Did you stamp? Or did you fluidly break up words?

    8) Did you follow all the previous Mindfulness Tips? If not, which do you need to continue to practice?

    9) What were other observations?

    To close this lesson, here is a summation:

    Mindful Tip 13: Make a mindful commitment to end your days of stamping each individual letter!

    For any word with more than one syllable, practice implementing the strategy of phonetic fingerspelling. Your sign community will thank you!

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