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14.10: Application and Reflection Questions

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    Application and Reflection Questions

    How did the Song dynasty differ from earlier periods of unified Chinese history such as the Tang and Han dynasties, and how did these differences change Chinese society for the better?
    How was Chinggis Khan able to unify the peoples of the eastern end of the Eurasian Steppe?
    What were some of the factors that prevented the Mongols from conquering more lands in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East?
    How did Chinggis Khan’s yassa change the traditional practices of the Mongol people, and what motivated him to make these changes?
    To what degree did Yuan dynasty government and policy differ from the administration of the Song dynasty?
    What effect did the Mongol conquests have on the spread of Islam?
    Did the crusading movement, both in Iberia and the Levant, do more to help or harm the relationship between the Christian church and the rulers of western Europe in this period? Why?
    What were some of the reasons the Mongols failed to make meaningful inroads in South Asia? What may have helped make their attempts more successful?

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