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1.7.3: Application and Reflection Questions

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    Application and Reflection Questions

    1 .
    How do you see your knowledge of world history helping you achieve life goals? What do you hope to learn from this text?
    2 .
    Why is it important to consider competing sources about the same topic?
    3 .
    What primary source materials do you think you will leave behind for later generations? How would you want them to be interpreted?
    4 .
    If you could suggest a revisionist addition to the history you have been taught so far, what would it be? Why?
    5 .
    Provide three examples of social constructs that affect the way you view the world and explain why.
    6 .
    Which historical interpretation interests you most? Why?
    7 .
    Choose a recent event you have followed in the news or on social media and establish a history of that event. In a few short paragraphs, tell the story and rank the causes in order of importance. Then write the history again, using one of the major interpretive theories in the chapter (progressive, intellectual, gender, etc.). Your goal is to produce a different viewpoint on the same story.

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