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11.3: Questions to Guide Your Reading

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    1. How did the geography of Central Asia have an impact on its history?

    2. In what way did the Turkic migrations change the culture of Central Asia?

    3. How did the nomadic way of life facilitate the Turkic conquest of the region?

    4. The process of Islamization took place over centuries. What helped to expedite the conversion process?

    5. How did Genghis Khan differ from his predecessors? What enabled him to unite all of the Mongol tribes?

    6. What was the significance of Inju to the history of the Chagatai Khanate?

    7. What role did religion play in the Ilkhanate?

    8. Why did Timur attempt to externalize the violence of the steppe?

    9. Has Central Asia been an interesting stew of foreign influences, or has it been the product of internal forces?

    10. Should the modern day states of Afghanistan and Iran be considered a part of Central Asia? Going back to the Mongol conquest of the region, what similarities do these states share with the core of Central Asia? What are some of the differences?

    11. Should the conflict that has existed between nomadic and sedentary societies be considered the primary force determining the course of Central Asian history?

    12. What has been the legacy of the conquests of Central Asia? How have the various empires shaped the region since the Turkic migrations?

    11.3: Questions to Guide Your Reading is shared under a CC BY-SA license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Brian Parkinson.

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