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8.3: Questions to Guide Your Reading

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    1. How does geography play a role in Islamic history?

    2. Why were the concepts defined by muruwah so important to the early development of Islam?

    3. What are the Five Pillars of Islam, and why are they important to the religion?

    4. What were the five roles that the Prophet Muhammad played in Medina?

    5. What factors led to the rapid expansion of Islam?

    6. How did the Umayyads come to power following the Rashidun caliphs?

    7. How do you account for the rise of the splits in the Islamic community, like the rise of the Kharijis and Shi‘a?

    8. Describe the transition from the Umayyads to the ‘Abbasids. Compare and contrast the two caliphates.

    9. The Fatimids marked the end to the High Caliphate. How did Egypt gain its autonomy from the ‘Abbasids? How did the Fatimids take over Egypt?

    10. How did the Crusaders gain a foothold in the Middle East? What did it take for Salah al-Din to push them out?

    11. What led to the establishment of the Mamluk Sultanate? How did the Mamluk Sultanate go into decline?

    12. Does North African history move in cycles of birth, renewal, expansion and decadence? Ibn Khaldoun says that nomads come from the frontiers, desert, and periphery, settle down, and within 120 years, become decadent and collapse. Do you agree?

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