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5.3: Questions to Guide Your Reading

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    1. In what ways did Greek geography and topography impact the history of the ancient Greek world?

    2. What are the different periods of Greek history, and what are the chief defining characteristics of each period?

    3. What primary sources are available for the study of Greek history, and what are the limitations of these sources?

    4. What were the most important developments in the Greek world in the Archaic Period?

    5. What was the significance of the Persian Wars for the subsequent history of the Greek World?

    6. What were the stages of the Peloponnesian War? How did the outcome of the war impact Greece in the fourth century?

    7. What were some of the most important contributions of Classical Athens in the areas of art, government and law, philosophy, and literature?

    8. How and why did the Macedonians conquer the Greek world? Why did the empire conquered by Philip and Alexander disintegrate after Alexander’s death?

    9. What were some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Hellenistic kingdoms as political entities? Why did they prove to be inherently unstable?

    10. What were some of the achievements and legacies of the Hellenistic period?

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