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2.3: Questions to Guide Your Reading

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    1. Explain why the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers were significant for ancient Mesopotamians.
    2. Describe the characteristics of civilizations that were found in ancient Mesopotamia.
    3. What does the Epic of Gilgamesh tell scholars about Mesopotamian values, views of the environment, and conceptions of the afterlife?
    4. How did the rulers of ancient Mesopotamian empires attempt to bring together and control the people within their realms?
    5. Describe the legacies of the civilization in ancient Mesopotamia.
    6. Explain the central beliefs of Judaism that are evident in the early written tradition.
    7. How did the United Kingdom of Israel develop and who were its key leaders?
    8. Describe how the Israelites and their traditions have been influential.
    9. How did the Nile River and the region’s climate and geography influence the development of Egyptian civilization?
    10. Which characteristics of civilizations were seen in Ancient Egypt?
    11. What major continuities were evident throughout Dynastic Egypt?
    12. Describe Egypt’s intermediate periods.
    13. Explain the significance of pyramids.
    14. Describe the major innovations of the New Kingdom.
    15. What are the legacies of Ancient Egypt?
    16. Compare the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt.
    17. What were the defining features of Nubian civilization?
    18. Describe Kerma and Kush’s relationship with Egypt.

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